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This House was ordered to be built in the middle of the 17th century. The main façade, on the north side, is from this century. The kitchen wing is faced west. In agreement with the ancient documents, on the same site an earlier construction existed which dated from the 15th century, namely the “Casal do Vale de Paredes” (Vale de Paredes Couple).

Nearby the House you will find the Chapel of Saint Matthew his Patron Saint (São Mateus, Santo Padroeiro) of Medelo. Each year, on the 21st of September, the Casa das Paredes (House of The Walls) opens the doors of its chapel for the village to celebrate the mass in honour of Saint Matthew his Patron Saint.

Maria Filomena Smolsky de Villas-Boas e Alvim Torres, who is married to Álvaro Augusto Cordeiro de Oliveira Torres, is the Lady of the House. They carried out major restoration works that were needed in and around the house and gardens which were concluded in 1989. The restoration and remodelling of the interior and the surrounded area allowed that the doors of the House were opened for farm and village tourism.

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